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Career Planning

What is Career Development?

Career Development is the process of managing life, learning and work over ones lifespan.  It involves services to assist people to gain the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors that help them explore, choose, plan and manage their career more effectively.  

Career development is part of lifelong learning as peoplespersonal and vocational skills are constantly changing and expanding in response to career changes and life situations.

What is Career Planning?

Career Planning helps people of all ages to make appropriate and realistic career choices. Job seekers who are having trouble deciding what they want in a career and needing direction - whether it is deciding on a course of study, upgrading their existing skills or just finding the right job - can receive assistance at ECC with career planning.

What Does ECC Do?
      Identifying and matching job seeker goals to interests and abilities
      Looking at the range of jobs available in their area of interest
      Finding out about training or study available for their career choice
      Planning a strategy to find available work in their chosen field.